Obama Quickly Takes Credit For Pastor Andrew Brunson’s Release From Turkey..

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Hastily throwing together a press conference shortly after the news broke, former President Barack Obama quickly took credit Friday for Turkey’s release of U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson, who had been imprisoned for two years after being falsely accused of a slew of charges.

“Look, people are saying Trump’s strong-arm tactics like economic sanctions are responsible for Brunson’s release, but hey—don’t forget who should really get credit for this: me, Obama,” Obama said to adoring applause from gathered members of the media.

“Look, when was Brunson first arrested? October 2016, that’s right. The man gets arrested during my administration and now Republicans want to give Trump credit for his release, just because he applied crippling pressure to Erdogan until the deed was done? Please!” he added.

The former president went on to explain how nobody has a better track record of caring for Christians than he does, and no other president before or since him has commanded such fear and respect on the world stage.

“President Trump, you didn’t do that. Obama did that,” he said. “You’re welcome.”

BREAKING:Trump decides to cut US aid to UN. $5 Billion will Stay in the United States!Do You Support This?

The White House is seeking to cut $1 billion in funding for U.N. peacekeeping operations and to eliminate hundreds of millions of dollars for other U.N. programs that care for needy children and seek to lift the world’s poorest out of a life of grinding poverty, according to two diplomatic sources briefed on the plan.

The proposal is certain to face strong pushback from Democratic and Republican congressional leaders, who warned that President Donald Trump’s budget will never be passed. But it reflected the White House’s clear desire to jettison America’s traditional role as the champion of the downtrodden and embrace that of a military powerhouse to be feared.

They were also told to brace for a 40 percent cut to the State Department’s U.N. peacekeeping budget. The United States contributed more than $2 billion to the U.N.’s $8 billion-plus peacekeeping budget last year.

That is, are current missions ‘still fit for purpose’?”
The proposed U.N. cuts, which were drafted by the White House Office of Budget and Management, show that the Trump administration is seeking far deeper cuts to the U.N. in the international affairs budget than to the State Department or USAID. Last week, the White House released a preliminary budget projection — known as the skinny budget — that called for cuts of 28 percent to international organizations in the 2018 budget.

But big chunks of that outlay — including $3.1 billion in security assistance to Israel — are to be spared, and the White House has informed State Department officials that funding to NATO will also be left off the chopping block. That means the U.N. and other international organizations will have to absorb a far higher share of cuts. And programs that combat climate change or provide reproductive health services are likely to be cut altogether.

The State Department and the White House declined to comment on the specific targets. A State Department official said simply that the 2018 “budget request will reduce funding requested for the U.N. and affiliated agencies. ‎Beyond this, more details won’t be available until the president’s full FY 2018 Budget is rolled out later in the spring.”

A White House official added that “the president’s America First blueprint seeks to place more focus here at home and less abroad. That having been said, internal deliberations surrounding the full fiscal year 2018 budget are ongoing and final details will be announced in the mid-May release.”

U.S. government agencies contributed nearly $10.5 billion last year to a vast number of U.N. programs that vaccinate children, help keep the peace in conflict zones, care for refugees, feed the poor, and monitor the spread of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. Since the United States helped create the United Nations in the waning days of World War II, the body has been seen as a way to promote stability around the world and advance U.S. interests, including economic development, conflict prevention, and nonproliferation.

Poll: Nevada Turns Away from Democrats Post-Kavanaugh..

Republicans have surged in several key Nevada races, including Sen. Dean Heller’s (R-NV) campaign, according to a poll released on Monday.
Sen. Heller leads Rep. Jacky Rosen (D-NV) by seven points 48 to 41 percent—in an Emerson College poll. Eight percent of Nevadans remain undecided, and the margin of error is 4.2 points, which puts Heller’s lead above the margin of error.

The Nevada Senate candidates both have polarizing favorability numbers. Forty-two percent of Nevadans have a favorable opinion of Sen. Heller, compared to 46 percent of Nevadans who have a negative view of the Nevada Republican. Rep. Rosen has a 45 percent unfavorable rating and a 44 percent favorable rating.

Heller’s Senate seat serves as one of the most contentious Senate seats that Republicans hope to hold in the November midterm elections. Previous polls from the New York Times and NBC News have put Heller only ahead by two points, and the Real Clear Politics polling average has put Heller’s re-election campaign ahead of Rosen by 1.7 points.

In the Nevada governor’s race, Republican Adam Laxalt leads Democrat Steve Sisolak by five points, which puts Laxalt’s lead beyond the survey’s 4.2 percent margin of error. Eleven percent of Nevadans remain undecided.

Meanwhile, in Nevada’s Third Congressional District race, Democrat Susie Lee leads Nevada businessman Danny Tarkanian by only two points. Eighteen percent of Nevadans remain undecided, and the poll has a 7.6 point margin of error, making the race a virtual dead heat.

On Breitbart News Saturday, Tarkanian said his congressional race represents the “best chance to take back a Democrat seat,” which would make it even harder for Democrats to retake the House. Democrats need to gain 24 seats in the midterm elections to achieve a one-seat majority.

“Nancy Pelosi helped recruit her to run. She’s raised her millions of dollars. She’s raised twice as much money as the incumbent race for the last election,” Tarkanian said.

Tarkanian explained that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) helped build Rep. Rosen’s campaign from the ground up.

In other Nevada congressional races, Rep. Mark Amodei leads by 23 percent, while his opponent, Clint Koble, has 16 percent support in Nevada’s Second District. In Nevada’s Fourth District, Democrat Steven Horsford has 36 percent support, while Republican Cresent Hardy has 34 percent support, and 23 percent of voters remain undecided. The margin of error is 8.1 percent.

Republicans have surged across several polls during and after the Supreme Court nomination process of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, which some pundits have called the “Kavanaugh effect.” A recent NBC News survey found that Republicans across the nation have matched Democrat interest in the midterm election.

Former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus recently contended that the Kavanaugh effect will give Republicans an extra boost in the midterm elections.

“Something incredible has happened over the last couple of weeks, and it’s called the Kavanaugh effect on Republican voters,” said Priebus.

“Before Kavanaugh, Democrats were at a ten [in enthusiasm] to defeat Trump. Republicans were at like a six. They were happy with the economy,” Priebus added. “They were happy with the wins that we had. But they weren’t at the level they needed to be. Well, now they are at a ten. So the effect is the Democrats didn’t go above ten. They are at ten. And now, the Republicans are at a ten. And so you get the juice that you need to run the machinery.”

Kamala Harris Jokes about Killing Trump, Pence, Sessions

Democratic senator Kamala Harris joked about killing President Trump and members of his administration in a Thursday appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show.
“If you had to be stuck in an elevator with either President Trump, Mike Pence, or Jeff Sessions, who would it be?” DeGeneres asked Harris during a series of random, mostly cheery questions she read from cards.

Harris made a displeased face and asked Ellen, “Does one of us have to come out alive?”
She laughed loudly for a minute as the audience joined in with cheers and laughs. Even the show’s host joined in the mirth.

Conservatives took Harris to task over the comment, some asking what the reaction would have been if the men Harris joked about had made the same joke about her.
Harris, a rising progressive star who is often mentioned as a 2020 presidential candidate, has not responded to the criticism.

Law based representative Kamala Harris kidded about killing President Trump and individuals from his organization in a Thursday appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

“On the off chance that you must be stuck in a lift with either President Trump, Mike Pence, or Jeff Sessions, who might it be?” DeGeneres solicited Harris amid an arrangement from irregular, for the most part lively inquiries she read from cards.

Harris made a disappointed face and solicited Ellen, “Does one from us need to turn out alive?”

She giggled uproariously for a moment as the gathering of people participate with cheers and chuckles. Indeed, even the show’s host participated in the merriment.

Preservationists reprimanded Harris over the remark, some asking what the response would have been if the men Harris kidded about had made a similar joke about her.

Harris, a rising dynamic star who is frequently made reference to as a 2020 presidential applicant, has not reacted to the feedback.

Lindsey Graham Utterly Humiliates Liz Warren — “This Is My Trump Moment!”.

In less than a day, Sen. Elizabeth Warren completely destroyed her career. She released a DNA test and ended up humiliating herself and offending the Cherokee Nation. Now, Sen. Lindsey Graham had some unkind words for her, and he’s calling it his “Trump moment.”

We really have to hand it to Lindsey Graham. In recent weeks and months, the man has thrown down the gauntlet against his liberal rivals. I can’t say for sure what’s happened, but it seems like the South Carolina Senator has gained some serious boldness.

He went to bat for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. After the left tried to destroy the man’s reputation with empty accusations, Graham was one of the few Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee to strongly back and defend Kavanaugh. His powerful words after Kavanaugh’s testimony quickly went viral. He’s a big reason Kavanaugh is a justice today.

It’s very possible we are seeing a new Graham. He is joining Donald Trump’s much bolder and intense GOP. In fact, we are seeing this across the Republican Party. Conservative leaders are dropping their pretenses, realizing they can and should confront the Democrats over their years of corruption.

Enter Sen. Elizabeth Warren. By now you’ve heard about her ridiculous plot to upstage the president. For years, Donald Trump’s questioned Warren’s American Indian heritage. The woman has claimed, on numerous occasions, that she’s descended from a tribe. In fact, she’s made a very big deal about it during speeches, rallies, and interviews.

In a pathetic attempt to shut up Trump, she released a DNA test that was supposed to confirm her ancestry. Instead, we’ve learned that she has less Indian DNA than most white Americans. On top of that, the DNA test had to use Mexican samples — not Cherokee, the tribe she claims to be a part of.

“I’m going to take a DNA test,” Graham told “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday. “I’ve been told my grandmother was part Cherokee Indian. It may all just be talk.
This is so spectacular. Not willing to let Warren sulk away with her defeat, Graham is holding her feet to the coals.

This Democrat has bragged about her “Native American heritage” for a very long time. She’s exploited it. She’s mentioned it time and again during election campaigns. Warren has tried to use her supposed American Indian heritage to help her career and get more votes. It was a sleazy and despicable tactic.

Long gone are the days when Republicans cowered before Democrats. They are no longer willing to let liars get away with their schemes. Graham’s epic troll is a sign that Republicans are playing for keeps. It’s about time.
Are you proud of Graham for what he’s doing? Do you think more Republicans should hold Democrats to their statements? Then be sure to share this story with everyone.