De Niro Slams Kavanagh & Calls Trump ‘M-F*cker,’ Fed-Up Audience Has Nasty Surprise..

Actor Robert De Niro made headlines over the weekend when he showed up for a Children’s Diabetes fundraiser and immediately embarrassed himself. The “Raging Bull” star started ranting and raving about politics, taking aim at Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s beer drinking and, in another appearance, called President Donald Trump a “mother-f*cker.” That’s when the fed-up audience gave the unhinged 75-year-old a nasty surprise he never saw coming. You’ll love this.

When will the Hollywood crowd learn? The silent majority of Americans, who quietly live their lives by going to work and paying their taxes, are sick and tired of these buffoons lecturing us and screaming at us to adopt their sick values. Well, Robert De Niro just made a fool out of himself when he made the rookie mistake of not understanding his audience.

As Breitbart reports, “Actor Robert De Niro attacked Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh for his drinking during at an event for the Children’s Diabetes Foundation Saturday, and couldn’t exactly get his words right.”

“Now, one reminder. The drinks, wine, and beer are flowing. But, be careful if you have too much, ahem, you may, you may… end up on the Supreme Court,” Robert De Niro said, seemingly out of nowhere, while slurring his words in a video obtained by TMZ.

The crowd was slow to react. People sat stunned and confused. You see, this wasn’t the Academy Awards or the Grammys, this was the Children’s Diabetes Foundation, and it was evident that drunk Bobby De Niro had overplayed his hand. Living in the Hollywood bubble, De Niro is ignorant, completely lacking any common sense to understand that he often offends millions of Americans with his anti-Trump rants.

TMZ reported, “De Niro was receiving the Brass Ring Award Saturday evening at the Children’s Diabetes Foundation’s Carousel of Hope event in L.A., when, for whatever reason, he decided to wade into politics with a quip about the newly appointed Justice Kavanaugh. It mostly landed flat.”

TMZ added, “Besides the fact that he butchered the delivery of the line — stumbling over his words — it’s clear he chose the wrong topic to bring up at a ceremony for the Children’s Diabetes Foundation. The reactions to his joke were mixed, some nervously laughing … others booing.”

When is De Niro going to learn that not everyone in America is anti-Trump? And, a Children’s Diabetes Fundraiser is not the time to bring up politics. Talk about severe “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” Bobby needs a long stay at one of those posh rehab centers.

De Niro is stuck in 2016. He can’t get over the fact that, almost two years ago, America decided there was a better way. His inability to cope with this reality was proven in a little-seen video, where the “Goodfellas” actor went berzerk at the “Jimmy & Rosemary Breslin American Writer Awards,” encouraging young writers to write about “truth” before going off the deep end.

De Niro asked, “Well, what about the truth? What does the truth mean today?” He continued, “I mean, if you’re Donald Trump it doesn’t mean anything. If you’re cowardly Republican enablers in Congress you don’t let the truth stand in the way of pathetically clinging to power. Our country is led by a president who believes he can make up his own truth. And we have a word for that — bullshit.”

Then, he compared Trump’s presidency to the Soviet Union under Vladimir Lenin. He also called Trump “a congenital liar” and a “mean-spirited, soulless, amoral, abusive con-artist son of a bitch.” He ended his rant calling Trump a “mother-f*cker.”

Can you imagine if De Niro would have trashed Barack Obama like this? He would have been run out of Hollywood never to be seen again. To fill the minds of young writers, using these vile obscene terms to refer to our president, is disgraceful and disgusting.

Americans are fed up with these bullying tactics. Twitter user “EastCoastVet” let Bobby De Niro have it, posting, “Hey ‘Bob’; stop making an ass of yourself! Join a movement that has credibility in your remaining time; stop being a fascist pervert and actually be human! Your elephant mouth always overloads your bird ass!”

Finally, De Niro found out the hard way that there is a big, big world outside of the Hollywood gutter he dwells in. The majority of Americans are disgusted by the Hollywood crowd using their bully pulpits to browbeat those of us who don’t see the world they way they do.

Their minds are in the gutter, and they spend millions making horrendous films no one goes to see. All patriots need to vote in the mid-terms. We can’t allow Hollywood’s vicious cohorts in the Democratic party back in power. Not now, or ever again.

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