Lindsey Graham Utterly Humiliates Liz Warren — “This Is My Trump Moment!”.

In less than a day, Sen. Elizabeth Warren completely destroyed her career. She released a DNA test and ended up humiliating herself and offending the Cherokee Nation. Now, Sen. Lindsey Graham had some unkind words for her, and he’s calling it his “Trump moment.”

We really have to hand it to Lindsey Graham. In recent weeks and months, the man has thrown down the gauntlet against his liberal rivals. I can’t say for sure what’s happened, but it seems like the South Carolina Senator has gained some serious boldness.

He went to bat for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. After the left tried to destroy the man’s reputation with empty accusations, Graham was one of the few Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee to strongly back and defend Kavanaugh. His powerful words after Kavanaugh’s testimony quickly went viral. He’s a big reason Kavanaugh is a justice today.

It’s very possible we are seeing a new Graham. He is joining Donald Trump’s much bolder and intense GOP. In fact, we are seeing this across the Republican Party. Conservative leaders are dropping their pretenses, realizing they can and should confront the Democrats over their years of corruption.

Enter Sen. Elizabeth Warren. By now you’ve heard about her ridiculous plot to upstage the president. For years, Donald Trump’s questioned Warren’s American Indian heritage. The woman has claimed, on numerous occasions, that she’s descended from a tribe. In fact, she’s made a very big deal about it during speeches, rallies, and interviews.

In a pathetic attempt to shut up Trump, she released a DNA test that was supposed to confirm her ancestry. Instead, we’ve learned that she has less Indian DNA than most white Americans. On top of that, the DNA test had to use Mexican samples — not Cherokee, the tribe she claims to be a part of.

“I’m going to take a DNA test,” Graham told “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday. “I’ve been told my grandmother was part Cherokee Indian. It may all just be talk.
This is so spectacular. Not willing to let Warren sulk away with her defeat, Graham is holding her feet to the coals.

This Democrat has bragged about her “Native American heritage” for a very long time. She’s exploited it. She’s mentioned it time and again during election campaigns. Warren has tried to use her supposed American Indian heritage to help her career and get more votes. It was a sleazy and despicable tactic.

Long gone are the days when Republicans cowered before Democrats. They are no longer willing to let liars get away with their schemes. Graham’s epic troll is a sign that Republicans are playing for keeps. It’s about time.
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