Whoopi & Sunny Viciously Attack Melania: She Has ‘No Friends,’ Get Epic Smackdown..

The View has been on a week-long bash-fest of First Lady Melania Trump. Meghan McCain has been especially nasty, and yesterday, Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin piled on laughing as they viciously attacked the first lady by saying she has “no friends!” Well, Whoopi, Sunny, and Meghan immediately got an epic smackdown they never saw coming. Don’t miss this.

Every day this week, the shrews of The View have been viciously attacking First Lady Melania Trump on various issues. Yesterday, Meghan McCain led a segment that spotlighted Melania’s fashion choices while on her trip to Africa. And Meghan made it clear she finds Melania’s clothes offensive.

Meghan said, “I just don’t understand her fashion choices. And our first lady’s fashion choices are political…But the problem is when you’re wearing things like this [pith helmut], which is very charged because it’s a symbol of British colonialism.” Right, Melania was signaling the Africans that she’s a slave owner. This is ridiculous. Who thinks like this?

Melania looked stunning wearing the traditional desert garb while she went on an African safari, and no one was offended. The people and especially children Melania met in Africa totally loved her. These women on The View are just “mean girls” who are so jealous that their hatred is blinding them as they refuse to take the high road. And they weren’t finished trashing our first lady.

New York Post front page (left), Melania Trump wearing “pith helmet” in Africa (right) (Photo Credit: New York Post, Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

Sunny Hostin’s hatred of Melania Trump really came out. As Meghan bashed Melania’s fashion choices, Sunny decided she knew what the first lady’s real problem is, and this is where the shrews really get ugly.

Well, Melania’s communication director Stephanie Grisham addressed the leftist’s meltdown over wearing a pith helmet, tweeting, “For all who continue to attack @FLOTUS….let’s keep in mind,” then Grisham points out all the major fashion magazines love this safari look with a pith helmet:

Even though Joy Behar is on vacation, the other shrews of The View do just fine showing their utter contempt for Melania Trump. You’d think they would be classy enough to air their sad jealousy in private, but these women have no decency.

They are pathetic. They pick apart a good woman who is doing her best to represent the United States. And Americans overwhelmingly love Melania Trump. She has brought back an air of dignity to the White House that was sorely lacking with the former administration. She is a fashion icon. Not only is their hatred for Melania coming back to bite them now, but in the future, they will look like fools as Melania goes down as one of the most beautiful first ladies since Jackie Kennedy.

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