YUGE! New York Times LIED About Right Wing News – Lied To Cover Facebook Purge..

Right Wing News Editor Jeff Rainforth went over the stories that the New York Timesincluded in their article, Facebook Tackles Rising Threat: Americans Aping Russian Schemes to Deceive.

The first RWN story mentioned, “Opinion: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Was Just Caught Slipping Something To Ford’s Attorney On LIVE TV,” was written on Sept. 27th, the same day as Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The article’s primary source was Chicks on the Right. Their sources appear to be Twitter posts and video.

“After Dr. Blasey testified, Right Wing News posted several false stories about her — including the suggestion that her lawyers were being bribed by Democrats… What Right Wing News did was part of a shift in the flow of online disinformation, falsehoods meant to mislead and inflame.”

After checking the RWN article, I found nothing “false” about it, as the NYT suggests. The author merely questioned what was in the envelope that Rep. Lee handed to Ford’s attorney. The title of the story had nothing false in it, either.

Here’s what was in the RWN article:

“Why is a sitting Congresswoman even talking to this woman’s attorney let alone handing him an envelope? And what could be in that envelope? Instructions, a thank you letter, and an autographed picture, or maybe what sounds more probable … money? We can only guess at this point and I’m sure with a timid bunch as the Republicans are we won’t know anytime soon.

According to the Congresswoman’s press office, the envelope was simply unopened stationery notes given to counsel for Dr. Ford from women who wanted to enter the hearing room but were not allowed to enter. Why do I find this explanation so hard to believe?”

Nothing in the RWN story was false. The veracity of the lie detector test Ford took was questioned by the author, and there is nothing wrong with questioning something.

As noted in the title and story, it was an ex-FBI agent who said polygraph tests can be beaten. The author also stated her opinion that Ford’s credibility is “swiss cheese.” With no witnesses corroborating her story, and with the changes to what she could recall, it could definitely be said her testimony regarding Kavanaugh, and even she herself, is not credible.

Nothing false there. It would just depend on who you asked. Ford’s supporters will of course say she is credible, which is their opinion, also.

Both stories were published on my day off so I did not fact check them at the time. Regardless, there is nothing false about them as the NYT suggests.

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